Free 3rd-year warranty on your new suitcase

Thank you for purchasing one of our fine suitcases! Now that you have your own real bhppy suitcase, you can go and explore the world, create unique stories and build great memories! But first register your new bhppy suitcase for free within 60 days of purchase and receive an extended warranty of 12 months beyond the normal warranty period of 24 months.

A whole extra year, to go somewhere you have never been before. Try to run out of pages in your passport and have fun! Have a great journey and come home again safely.


If your product becomes defective within the warranty period, you can make a claim under warranty. The first 24 months after purchase you must claim your warranty through the store you bought the suitcase from. During the extended period you can claim your warranty by using this form.

After we received your warranty form, we will contact you. Our warranty covers improper material and production defects (as the phrase goes). Click  here to read everything about our warranty policy. Click  here  to read our privacy policy.